The luggage checked under a passenger’s ticket against issuance of a tag becomes the responsibility of Onur Air. The passengers younger than 2 years old are not entitled to free luggage service.  

A - Domestic line passengers are entitled to free luggage up to 15 kilograms. Excess luggage is subject to TL 6/kg fee until further notice.

B - Packages to be consigned have to be solid and weigh not more than 15 kg. 

C - Liquid (pickles, honey, jam etc), flammable or fragile materials are not accepted in luggage.

D - Onur Air reserves the right to refuse excess luggage even if the passenger is willing to pay the relevant cost. Excess luggage has to be within reasonable limits. 

Domestic line passengers are charged EUR 24 per set during check-in for sporting materials of special characteristics (such as surf board, skiing gear, archery equipment, diving equipment). If you believe that your luggage was damaged by the time you arrive at the destination point, you are required to contact the lost & found department and have it reported before leaving the airport.




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