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Established on the fertile soil of Çukurova, Adana is one of the most important cities of Turkey’s east due to its rich historical and cultural wealth. Çukurova has been of a different beauty this past month because the cotton fields have painted the city’s façade white.  

“White, frothy Mediterranean… A flat plain from there… The rocks of the Taurus… When looking out to the plain from the skirts of the Taurus, you’ll see a sea. Blue. It looks as if it has rippled. White clouds hang above. Islahiye and Pazarcık plain to one side, and Dörtyol, Iskenderun to the other. Pozantı on the other side. Kadirli, Kozan, and the mountains of Silifke to another side, the plateau Içel… They’ve laid a green carpet in between there. They’ve treated it in lines. This in between is Çukurova… What’s the story? Long ago, when a man stuck the stick he held in his hand in the soil, the stick turned green and branched out and grew. One of the world’s most fertile soils…”

This is how Yaşar Kemal describes the region in his interview called ‘Çukurova Yana Yana’ in the book ‘Diyar Baştan Başa’. As the writer says, the soil here is fertile enough to turn a dry stick green. We went to Adana to see this fertility during cotton harvesting time, in September. In the words of Yaşar Kemal, Çukurova is ‘ak ak’ (white white)… A whiteness that’s dazzling awaits you. Workers have lined to perform the difficult task of picking cotton on the land.






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