Onur Air Summer Campaign

Sales Date under the Campaign              : Between 07.01.2015-17.01.2015

Flight Dates under the Campaign            : Between 29.03.2015-25.10.2015

Terms and Conditions of the Campaign:

  • The promotional fares are for one-way trips only, and the service fee is not included.
  • Pre-reservation may not be performed for promotional fares, Booking and ticketing may be performed simultaneously.
  • Change of name and destination is not possible with promotional tickets.
  • For Round-trip Promotional Tickets, open return option is not available and the tickets may not be turned to open status.
  • Rules for promotional class are applicable.
  • Promotional classes have limited seat capacity.
  • The tickets are required to be issued 24 hours prior to the flight.
  •  Child passengers are included in the scope of the campaign but infant passengers are not included in the scope of the campaign.




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