Onur Air will be able to provide aircraft maintenance service to the European Union countries

Onur Air will be able to provide aircraft maintenance service to the European Union countries 

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted Part-145 certificate to Onur Air, one of the most established companies in the field of Turkish civil aviation. Thus, Onur Air will be able to provide maintenance service for the Airbus A320/A321 aircraft available in the airlines of the European Union countries.

Onur Air, which provides maintenance service both for the aircraft available in its own fleet at its hangar with an enclosed area of 23 thousand square meters situated at Ataturk Airport, and for any other airlines, in addition to provision of passenger transportation service, obtained ‘Part-145 Aircraft Maintenance Certificate’ from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Onur Air, which is the only Turkish private airline company having its own maintenance center and hangar, obtained the authority to carry out the base maintenance activities of Airbus A320/A321 aircraft, which are registered in European Union countries, and which are operated by the airlines available in such countries, as well as to carry out the maintenance, repair and modification of aircraft, aircraft parts and components at its own maintenance hangar and workshops, upon obtaining Part-145 certificate.

Also, Onur Air is now entitled to provide service for the largest Airbus A320/A321 maintenance market on global basis, upon obtainment of Part-145 rating, due to the fact that the largest Airbus A320/A321 aircraft fleet of the world is available in the European Union countries.

Onur Air has 22 years of Airbus experience

Onur Air, incorporated in 1992, is one of the airlines, which firstly operate the Airbus A320/A321 aircraft in the world, and it has global experience in respect of the maintenance of such aircraft. Onur Air, which has honorably passed through the audit carried out by German and British EASA authorities within a short period of time by virtue of this experience, assumed the title of being the first and only company obtaining EASA Part-145 rating upon just a single audit in Turkey.





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