Maintenance of the Aircrafts

Maintenance of the Aircrafts

Line Maintenance

Onur Air employs its own technicians (143 licensed technicians, 49 assistant technicians, and 33 in-flight technicians) for daily checks, service checks, and weekly checks and type A checks of the aircrafts in the fleet.   

Heavy Maintenance (C Check)

In the past, about 50 of the C checks had been performed by the Onur Air aircraft staff at leased hangars. Thanks to this experience, Onur Air has gained considerable advantage on both tools-equipment as well as know-how and skills compared to the teams at other private airline companies. The C checks, which have to be performed in hangars in accordance with the current rules, are now made at various maintenance centers under supervision of the Onur Air technical staff.  Also maintenance activities which are more advanced than C checks are also performed at various maintenance centers under supervision of the Onur Air technical staff. 

Maintenance of the Aircraft Engines

The aircrafts in the Onur Air fleet are maintained by IBERIA, ITR, MTU, GAMCO, and THY. Maintenance and repair of the components on the aircrafts are performed by manufacturers of the related parts to the extend if it is possible or by airlines such as IBERIA and THY. 

Onur Air flies type A320/321 aircrafts with great success since its inception in 1992, and thus has been considered as a reference for widespread use of the said aircrafts in international charter operations.

Onur Air employs the most experienced technicians in the world for type A320/321 aircrafts. As a result of the long term experience, the company has an extensive stock of spare parts of the aircrafts in the fleet.

Onur Air always emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction, and therefore ensures performance of timely maintenance services with its 25-person maintenance and production planning teams without compromising flight safety so that the aircrafts are always ready to fly. 

The engineering group at the Engineering Department consisting of 17 engineers performs functions such as determining the maintenance standards of the aircrafts and engines, taking delivery of aircrafts, supervision of heavy maintenance work performed on the aircrafts, and adaptation of the changes to be applied on the aircrafts to the fleet.

Managers employed at the Onur Air Technical Department are responsible for making sure that the flights take place on a timely basis, satisfy customers and are low cost operations.





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