Brand & Reputation Award to Onur Air

Tarih: 12 January 2016

Onur Air has been selected as the airline which increased its brand value & brand reputation the most in 2015.

"The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards" organized by Marketing Turkey and Akademetre, an independent research agency known for its outstanding competence in market and consumer attitude researches, in collaboration was awarded to the winners during the ceremony held at Zorlu Center Raffles Hotel on Friday evening on January 8. Onur Air was selected as the airline of the year, leaving its competitors behind according to the results of the survey conducted by Akademetre employees through one-on-one interviews with several thousands of people of every profile in different cities.

Brands which increased their value and brand reputation were awarded by the general public jury this year as in the last year. Besides these brands, advertising and public relations agencies were also rewarded as significant contributors of the success. In his acceptance speech, Teoman Tosun, General Manager of Onur Air mentioned the value of the award to them as it was granted based on the independent votes of the participants, and thanked Marketing Turkey and Akademetre for facilitating the ONE awards.

A total of 35 industries were evaluated in the survey in which Onur Air ranked 4 among the leaders of all industries for it outperformed its competitors by wide margins.

Rauf Gerz, Corporate Communications Director at Onur Air, expressed that the factor bringing this award to Onur Air came with the diversification of its offering in 2015 and said "We have executed a number of effective campaign communications throughout the 1-year journey on which we set out with our launch campaign with the slogan "Travel to Europe at taxi fare."  We have changed our corporate motto as "Fly Smart". We put customer satisfaction at the forefront.

As a low-cost air carrier, we have communicated from and to which destinations we offer the most affordable flight tickets in a simple, clear and plain manner. Thanks to the extraordinary formulas we have developed in promotional sense, we have created an algorithm which provides maximum access with limited budgets. This formula allowed us to become the airline which sold the most tickets on digital platforms. Undoubtedly, it is this success in access that brought this award to us."

General Manager Teoman Tosun accepted the award on behalf of Onur Air, and the creative agency (Medina Turgul DDB), digital agency (Temmuz Dijital) and procurement agency (Media Club) of the Company were also awarded with a certificate of recognition as contributors of this success along with Orhan Sivrikaya, Vice President, Scheduled Flights, and Rauf Gerz, Corporate Communications Director.





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