Discount is in the air

Tarih: 05 April 2016

Booking Period: 05.04.2016 - 30.04.2016

Travel Period: 05.04.2016 - 20.06.2016


- Campain is valid for reservations made at least for two passengers on our international routes.                                                       

-         The campaign covers international flights operated by Onur Air. Discount is applied in international flights if you have a connection flight.

-          Discounts are calculated based on net fares excluding service fees and taxes.

-          Passengers under 12 may not join this campaign.

-          All users participating in the campaign are deemed to have read and accepted these rules.

-          Pre-reservation may not be performed for promotional fares, Booking and ticketing may be performed simultaneously.

-          Change of name and destination is not possible with promotional tickets.

-          For round-trip promotional tickets, open return option is not available and the tickets may not be turned to open status.

-          Rules for the respective class of the ticket purchased are applicable.

-          Onur Air reserves the right to amend the rules of the campaign.

-          If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints regarding the campaign, you may send an e-mail to






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