E-Visa practice initiated for Onur Air customers

Tarih: 31 July 2015

The "Protocol for Cooperation on Electronic Visa Practice" was executed by and between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and Onur Air. Accordingly, if the persons, who will travel to Turkey for commercial or touristic purposes, perform their flights by Onur Air, they may utilize the e-Visa service.

Pursuant to such protocol, Onur Air will instantly verify the checking of the e-Visa printouts, submitted by the foreign passengers to travel to Turkey, before boarding the aircraft, as well as the accuracy and validity of electronic visas through the online system and web services provided by the Ministry. Thus, all foreign passengers, who will travel to Turkey by Onur Air upon receiving their e-Visa, will be allowed to access through all border gates.

If the citizens of the countries available in the following link travel by Onur Air, they may utilize the e-Visa service:


For further details on e-Visa, please click the following link:







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