Onur Air Carries Cargo to America

Tarih: 22 May 2020

Onur Air started for trans-oceanic cargo transportation by making use of its wide-body Airbus A330 type aircraft in its fleet. The first aircraft of Onur Air, which has departed to the U.S.A. with medical equipment on board, landed on the New York John F.Kennedy International Airport, today (May 22) at 09:15, local time in Turkey.

The travel restrictions, imposed on the aviation industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic, sparks off accomplishment of new projects for the airlines. Onur Air, which is among our privately-owned airlines and which started to make use of its passenger aircraft in its fleet for the purpose of transportation of cargo, initiated its cargo flights to the U.S.A. from Turkey. The flights, operated by the wide-body and double-aisled Airbus A330 type aircraft of the Company, carry disposal gowns that are manufactured to be used at the health-care organizations.

Teoman Tosun, the CEO/General Manager of Onur Air, told that those flights were started to be operated due to the regulations adopted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and said; "I hereby thank to all of the officials, in particular the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, who have made efforts for ensuring that the aviation will be affected minimally from this crisis".

Celebrating its 28th anniversary at the skies and being the longest-established privately-owned airlines in Turkey, such flights rendered Onur Air to become the first and the sole privately-owned airline, performing flights from Turkey to the U.S.A. among the airlines that carry out passenger transportation at present.





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