Onur Air is a member of IATA

Tarih: 13 June 2007

Onur Air, the largest private Turkish airline company, is a member of IATA. This has a significant importance since such membership is the utmost internationally recognized indicator showing that the member airline company operates under the international standards.

Onur Air passed the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) 2 April 2007 with flying colors, and has been accepted as the IOSA operator since then. Onur Air has completed other IATA membership requirements and accepted as an IATA member soon after making its application, and thus has broken a new ground in the world.

Şahabettin Bolukçu, General Manager of Onur Air said “When the IOSA for our company was completed; officers of the audit company stated their pleasure for such excellent results. Our IATA membership application has been evaluated and accepted in an unusually short period of time following receipt of our IOSA certificate. With a mission to lead and serve the aviation industry, IATA has 240 members from 170 countries worldwide. This is a very significant indicator demonstrating service, maintenance and management quality of Onur Air.”

Bollukçu emphasized the fact that despite IATA membership is not mandatory, Onur Air has become an IATA member in order to demonstrate its commitment to operate in line with international standards and safety rules, and said: “Even though it was sufficient to have the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate, Onur Air has become the first and only Turkish company to have received the EN 9110:2003 Quality Certificate, a special standard which has been implemented by only a handful of aviation organizations in Europe on their technical maintenance set up. This is a very important qualification indicating our international competency.”





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