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Tarih: 10 May 2008

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce awarded us with a Certificate of Merit due to our success in bringing an inflow of foreign currency through export trade in 2006.

In a ceremony held at the Meeting Room of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on 9 May, Dündar Kumbasar, the Director in charge of Human Resources, Corporate Relations & Administrative Affairs, received the award. Dündar Kumbasar stated his feelings as follows for this meaningful award, given only to Onur Air and THY:

“It is a great success to be on a list, which does not include any other firm except THY, and taking the 17th place in Istanbul in general.
I remembered my past years at Onur Air as I was watching the ceremony organized for recognition of successful exporters. I remembered the excitement of the inception day, enthusiasm of the day our first aircraft arrived, and the financial problems experienced in early years of the foundation. I felt a brand new excitement when I thought about the reason we were given the award. The days of despair have been replaced by days of success and awards. In fact, Onur Air has been receiving this award for years. However, due to the aforesaid feelings, it took a whole new meaning that the award was handed to me. I would like to thank our management for having me experience such great feelings.”





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