Statement by Onur Air on winter time application change

Tarih: 14 October 2015

Winter time application, planned to be in effect as of October 25, 2015 Sunday, has been postponed to November 8, 2015 as per the Decree of the Council of Ministers as promulgated in the Official Journal on October 4, 2015. Accordingly, the necessity has arisen to perform changes in the scheduled times of domestic flights and international flights from Turkey of Onur Air between October 25 - November 7, 2015 (including the flights to be performed on November 7).

In respect of our passengers to travel in our domestic or international flights between the above-given dates; the departures at the stations in Turkey,

a- Will be performed 1 hour later than the one indicated on the tickets issued until October 12, 2015 (inclusive);

b- Will be performed on the times indicated on the tickets issued after October 13, 2015 (inclusive); 

c- The tickets to be printed out of the system as of October 13, 2015 (inclusive) will indicate the applicable or true times even if the date of initial ticketing corresponds to any date before October 13, 2015.

Under this practice, the scheduled times of departure at any international station (including TRNC) will not be affected in any manner whatsoever and the flights will be performed on the times indicated on the tickets, regardless of the date of ticketing.

Our passengers to fly by Onur Air may obtain detailed information on the matter on www.onurair.comor Onur Air Call Center at 0850 210 66 87.

We hereby respectfully announce the foregoing to the public.







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