Teoman Tosun, General Manager of Onur Air: “Istanbul Airport is an outstanding project bringing all global directions together."

Tarih: 29 November 2019

Examining the newly-purchased 11th Airbus 330 of the fleet with the employees, Teoman Tosun, General Manager of Onur Air, said the momentum created by Istanbul Airport has a considerable impact on the commercial decisions, and it has brought all directions together based on the aviation reality, adding that Istanbul Airport, referred with the slogan of "Meeting point of the world", is one of the most national and international important projects.

Onur Air draws attention as the first privately-owned airline company to operate flight from this airport, besides being the largest privately-owned airline company of Istanbul Airport. As the privately-owned airline company equipped with the largest Airbus 330 fleet of Turkey, Onur Air will increase the number of aircraft to 36 in 2020. 

Stating that they have renewed all their commercial plans and started to think more extensively with much bigger targets upon commissioning of Istanbul Airport, Teoman Tosun underlined that they currently operate flights to 58 countries around the world, and carry approximately 8 million pax on an annual basis. Having carried more than 110 million pax since the day of its corporation by means of its fleet full of Airbus aircraft, the company has launched flights to Cologne from Istanbul Airport recently.

Emphasizing that such a visionary project as Istanbul Airport, which has started to change the travelling habits of all global geographical areas, cannot be referred just an engineering marvel, Mr. Tosun said: "We owe this achievement to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our esteemed President, adopting such a visionary decision to build the airport, as well as all concerned ministries, DGCA and DGSAA executives following-up the project from a to z, and this project is a huge gain for our country. For sure, we should also give credit for all persons who have exerted their efforts in construction process of the airport, as well as all members of the consortium which has managed such a giant airport flawlessly since the very first day."

Underlining that the importance and value of Istanbul Airport are understood better every passing day, Teoman Tosun continued his words:

“I believe that Istanbul Airport, which has created a leverage effect in economic terms, provides unrivaled contributions to enable our country to proceed on its way to become one of the top 10 global economies. Istanbul Airport has, without any doubt, created a momentum not only for our country, but also for our company. It is a fact beyond figures to consider that the airport equipped with a capacity of 90 million pax will reach up to a capacity of 200 million pax/year upon completion of all phases."





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