We are in the skies with our 90 million passengers for 25 years

Tarih: 15 May 2017

Many more 25 years to come. We, as Onur Air, are in the skies for 25 years. We would like to share our happiness with you, hopefully to travel to many more destinations together...

It was a warm spring night of 1992 at Besiktas Gymnastics Club's Sports Facilities in Yesilkoy. Elegant-dressed gentlemen and ladies were celebrating incorporation of Onur Air in a poolside cocktail. It was when a high number of private airline companies was available and new ones were kept being incorporated every few years in Turkey.

While Onur Air didn't know just where to fly with a fleet structure of 3 aircraft only following over a period of one year, it was acquired by Ten Tur to be the mainstay for the dreams of 3 shareholders, who were originally tourism entrepreneurs, one of whom is Cangut Bagana currently acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Onur Air.

For a period of more than ten years following this hand-over process, Onur Air continued to operate its flights as a great contributor to domestic tourism with its operations carrying European tourists to Turkey. It achieved a growth as required during this period. What is more; it became one of the leading companies, which were drawing foreign currency inflows to the country, thanks to the aircraft leased out to Saudi Arabia on wet-lease basis. Flight operations to Saudi Arabia are still ongoing, and hundreds of employees of Onur Air keep carrying Muslims to the central base in Jeddah for Holy Land throughout the year.

Private airline companies were granted with flight permit at a time when charter years were slightly abolishing and transportation policies were revised. This permit had been granted previously; however, it was physically impossible to keep on the track with interesting policies. Onur Air got prepared rapidly and initiated its domestic flights at a flat rate of TL 70, marking the very first year when the Turkish people became acquainted with an airline company. Since that year when the road travelers started to fly, the number of people, who did not plan to travel but took advantage of affordable prices and alternatives to travel to their beloved ones or favorite destinations, have started to increase in a rapid way.

Operational Excellence Award from Airbus!

The flight operations, initiated one after another by Onur Air in 2014, were indicative of the drastic increase in the number of passengers. Upon carrying approximately 2 million passengers on the scheduled flights during the first year, Onur Air was granted with the Operational Excellence award by Airbus in 2005, resulting in a strong momentum in the modest structure of the company. Indeed; a giant like Airbus didn't grant the awards to every company or any slightly successful company.

Increasing its number of passengers every passing year with its prudent but concrete steps over the years, Onur Air established its own maintenance hangar in 2011 as a reflection of the level of importance attached to technical matters and maintenance. With its location at Ataturk Airport, this giant facility allowed the competent and qualified technicians and engineers of Onur Air to provide service to the aircraft of other airline companies. Thus, it became able to eliminate all its deficiencies including vast maintenance processes in a short period of time while also generating revenue for the company through performance of maintenance processes for the other companies operating at the region.

In reply to the necessity to keep up with the developing aviation, a fundamental revision was performed for the domestic and international flights originating from Istanbul, resulting in operating connection flights. All aircraft, which were landing in and taking off from the Anatolian cities on the same day, started to lay over in some of these cities. Onur Air currently flies passengers, who have been carried to Istanbul early in the morning, to Europe nearly at noon hours and then carries the passengers, who are returning, to Istanbul with a single aircraft, and take them to the Anatolian cities through Istanbul.

“We have carried out new projects!”

A period of quarter century is a long and proud term for a private airline company.  The history of our country has witnessed tens of short-term or giant growing airline companies. For sure, we aim to keep carrying millions of passengers as Onur Air. For sure, we aim to provide contributions to our national economy as one of the companies drawing most foreign currency inflows to our country. For sure, we aim to carry out new projects with our nearly a thousand and 500 employees.

We, as the employees of Onur Air, would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our valuable passengers, who have experienced our company. We, as one of the most deep-rooted airline companies of our country, feel happy to create a new travel alternative for you, our valuable passengers. We would like to share our happiness with you on our 25th anniversary, and wish to keep on travelling to new destinations safely and all together.





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