We passed the IOSA with flying colors

Tarih: 05 May 2008
We passed the IOSA with flying colors

The IOSA Follow Up Audit performed from 28 April 2008 to 2 May 2008 in our company was completed with success.

The first IOSA conducted in 2006 had included 748 questions. With about 30 percent up in the number of questions in the past two years, the second audit consisted of 913 questions. However, real change was about the content of the questions and each subject was handled in much more detail.
Another important detail pertaining to this year’s audit was that the period allowed for correction of the errors was much shorter compared to the first audit.
It was two years last time, but now companies are given only three months fort his purpose. All such changes required a detailed preparation and error free performance on our part in a short period of time. The audit team leader said in the closing meeting held at the end of the audit that the results were exceptionally perfect, and added that they were especially impressed with the cooperation among the company personnel.





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