1) Your baggage allowance is 15 kg in domestic flights and 30 kg in international flights. In the event that you purchase a package, then your baggage allowance shall be revised as follows:

  Plain Package
(baggage allowance)
Standard Package Premium Flex Package

Domestic Flights / North Cyprus

15 kg

20 kg

25 kg

International Flights

20 kg

25 kg

 30 kg 

2) Excess Baggage Fees:

Our excess baggage fees vary depending on where you purchase your excess baggage (from internet or airport). The details on fees are provided below:

Sales at Airport

Flight Type TRY USD EUR





International     7/kg
Odessa     4/kg
Kuveyt     12/kg

Sales on Internet

Flight Type TRY USD EUR















· In respect of special sports equipment (surfing, skiing, archery, golf and diving equipment, etc.); TRY 40.00 is collected for domestic flights, and € 30.00 is collected for international flights.

· Any packages, to be delivered to the hold, are required to be prepared in tightly-arranged parts not more than 15 kg. 

· Any baggage containing liquid (pickle, honey, jam, etc.), inflammable or fragile items shall not be allowed on board. 

· Maximum 40 kg baggage/person is allowed, All baggage items of any passenger may not be allowed on board even if the passenger agrees to pay excess baggage fee.

· Baggage allowance is 10 kg for infants.

· If, at the end of your flight, you recognize that your baggage is damaged/lost, you must have a report issued in this respect by applying to the lost property office before leaving the airport.

· All checked-in baggage, which are recorded on to the passenger's ticket, and for which a baggage tag is delivered, shall be under the responsibility of Onur Air. 





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